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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Orlando, FL by Certified Air Systems, Inc.

If you don’t have your AC currently maintained by a professional, then you’re at a severe disadvantage when it comes to the efficiency and effectiveness of your cooling system. When professionally installed, a whole house air conditioner should last for years and years, but it cannot be left alone to fend for its self. Routine air conditioning maintenance is the best way to make certain that your system is clean and properly adjusted, and it’s also the only way to stay aware of any issues that arise before they become major problems. For residents near Orlando, FL: we can help you maintain your air conditioner for many years to come.

We employ trained and certified technicians who are well suited to the rigorous task of maintaining your AC. There are plenty of things that can go wrong with your cooling system over the years, but professional maintenance is the best chance your AC has of working properly. At Certified Air Systems, Inc., we have been in business since 1993, and we take pride in the exceptional quality of our customer service and workmanship. We want nothing less than to keep you and your family cool and comfortable during the Orlando, FL summer. Call us today to schedule AC maintenance.

Certified Air Systems, Inc. provides air conditioning maintenance services in Orlando, FL and the nearby areas.

What is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

You may think that once your whole house AC is installed that you can walk away and let the machine do its job. While it’s true that such systems are built to withstand a significant amount of wear and tear, a neglected system will not work as expected, and will likely disappoint you eventually. Air conditioning maintenance involves three steps: cleaning, adjusting and inspecting.

One of the most critical aspects of routine maintenance is removing the presence of dust, dander, dirt and other debris from your system’s coils and other major components. Over time, such debris takes a serious toll on the way that your AC works as it interferes with the refrigerant cycle and parts of your blower motor. Adjusting refrigerant and voltage (when necessary) is also crucial, and inspecting your system for any signs of damage is an added benefit that allows you to eliminate issues before they lead to premature replacement or costly repairs.

Benefits of Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance in Orlando, FL

Perhaps the most important benefit of maintaining your air conditioner is that your system will simply work as it should. This may seem unremarkable, but you’d be surprised at the deficient performance and efficiency of a dirty and maladjusted air conditioner. Not only does routine cleaning restore performance and efficiency, but it can also reduce the risk of air conditioning repair needs.

You will likely see a boost in the longevity of your air conditioner. When debris accumulates on the various components of your indoor and outdoor units, it causes the entire system to work harder, and therefore your AC is subject to greater wear and tear than it would be otherwise. We can make sure that your system is comprehensively cleaned so that you reap the full benefits of AC maintenance in Orlando, FL.

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