Check These 3 Factors to See If Your AC Need Replacing

As summer winds down, the usage of your AC will wind down, too. This can be a very good thing for some households that may have been struggling with an air conditioner throughout this summer. If you are in the position that many homeowners are—to determine if your air conditioner needs replacing—then we have some important factors for you to review. While there are a number of considerations to make when deciding to replace your AC system, these three are some of the most important ones:

The Performance

The whole reason you have a whole home cooling system is to stay cool, dry and comfortable during the hot summer months. If your air conditioning system isn’t providing this due to uneven cooling, inadequate cooling, or low energy efficiency, it may be time to consider a replacement.

The Repairs

Have you had to make, or have you been making, numerous, costly repairs to keep your air conditioning system running? It isn’t unusual to experience a need for repair during your ownership of your AC, but if you are spending a lot of money on multiple repairs or on a couple of costly ones, you may need to determine if your money is better spent in making these repairs, or on a better system.

The Age

The age of your air conditioning system matters a lot for two reasons: first, the components of your air conditioning system will start to break down as they age, and second, you will likely make most of your repairs – about 85% – in the last couple of years of your ownership. As such, if your air conditioning system has reached its maturity, it may not be worth putting more money into it, especially if it is experiencing other problems.

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