Common Problems That Can Develop with Your Air Conditioner’s Blower

Ducted air conditioning systems have a large fan called a blower that pushes the cool air from the evaporator into your home’s living spaces. The blower is one of two fans that are critical components in your AC system. Fans tend to have multiple moving parts, making them somewhat vulnerable to developing problems, and your indoor blower is no exception. Blower problems can create a number of issues with your cooling, from low air flow to no cool air at all, so if you suspect that your blower may have an issue, it’s important to call your Certified Air Systems, Inc., technician right away.

Common Problems

Problem 1: Issues with the fan blades

The biggest issues facing fan blades is the prospect of loosening and/or being bent or broken. Fan blades are screwed into the motor base, and the constant, fast rotation of the fan can loosen the blades over time. Should a blade or blades become loose enough, it/they can come into contact with other parts of the system, causing the blades to potentially bend,, as well as possible damage to the part the blade has come into contact with.

Problem 2: Electrical issues

The blower has its own motor and wiring, and these components need electricity in order to work. The motor has both wiring and two capacitors, a start capacitor and a run capacitor. Capacitors can break down over time, and wiring can corrode and fray. Both of these types of problems can cause problems with electrical connection and power supply.

Problem 3: Motor problems

The motor of your blower can develop different problems, with the most common being burn out, overheating, and lack of lubrication, which causes grinding. Without the motor, your fan won’t turn, so it’s important to have the motor repaired or replaced if necessary.

Issues with the blower will affect your entire AC system, so it’s important to have a trained and certified expert, like the ones at Certified Air Systems, Inc., repair any issues with your AC blower in Orlando, FL.

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