Have You Scheduled Your Ductless AC for Maintenance This Year?

We may have just had the summer solstice, but as any Floridian knows, it’s been summer here for a while. We use our air conditioning systems for much of the year in Apopka, FL, so it’s very important to have your ductless air conditioning system properly maintained on an annual basis by a trained expert. The AC specialists at Certified Air Systems, Inc., have years of experience installing and servicing ductless air conditioning systems, so give us a call today and schedule your maintenance appointment!

Why Schedule Maintenance?

Every mechanical system will develop a level of wear and tear with regular use. Considering that 8-9 months of the year Floridians use their AC systems, it is a guarantee that your ductless AC will accumulate a level of wear and tear each year. The result is that for every year you don’t have your system properly maintained, you will lose 5% of its overall efficiency, and you’ll see this loss reflected in your monthly energy bills. But that’s not all. A scheduled maintenance appointment with a trained professional is a full tune-up of your system, so you’ll also be able to get ahead of potential repairs, experience better comfort levels and extend the life of your system. This is because your outdoor unit, indoor blowers and conduits will inspected, checked for problems, cleaned and all moving parts lubricated. In addition, the air filters and coils in each blower will be checked and cleaned.

Special Note for Heat Pump Ductless Systems

Because heat pump systems provide both cooling and heating, it’s important to have your heat pump properly maintained twice a year – after all, it does twice the amount of work. It’s recommended that any air conditioning system be properly maintained annually. If you are at the year mark, or past it, call our experts today!

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