If You Notice These Symptoms, You Should Replace Your Ductless System

Ductless systems, like any climate control systems, are a big investment. So naturally homeowners want them to last as long as possible. You can prolong the life of your ductless system for many years, providing you schedule annual maintenance and prompt repairs. However, no system can last forever. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to replace it. With summer coming up, now is the perfect time to evaluate whether your ductless system needs to be replaced. Let’s take a look at some of the symptoms that may indicate you need a new ductless system.

Rising Operating Costs

Over years of normal use, your ductless system is going to wear out. As the wear and tear on the various parts of the system mounts, its efficiency will drop. The system will have to stay on for a longer period of time to compensate for the falling efficiency, which will lead to higher monthly bills. If your ductless bills are going up for no apparent reason, you may need to replace the system.


Eventually, the amount of wear on the system will become so great that parts of it will start to fail. This will only get worse the closer the system gets to the end of its life. If you need to repair or replace parts of the ductless system every few months, especially if it’s a different part each time, you should definitely look into getting a new system.


Ductless systems are manufactured to last right around 20 years. Though they can last longer than that, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them in good repair. That, combined with the loss of efficiency compared to more modern systems, makes maintaining a 20 year-old system a poor investment compared to installing a new one.

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