Is Your Thermostat a Match for Your Air Conditioning System?

There are a few key areas of your air conditioning that can be overlooked: your ductwork, because it isn’t highly visible, and your thermostat. While you see your thermostat all the time, and use it frequently, its power is definitely underscored – but it shouldn’t be. This is why we ask: is your thermostat a good match for your current AC system in Orlando, FL? Because if it isn’t, you may be short changing yourself and your AC.

How the Right Thermostat Helps

There are a few ways an upgraded thermostat can help both you and your air conditioning system:

  • Precision temperature setting – upgrading your thermostat to one that is digital allows you to set an exact temperature, rather than aiming for it and hoping you are close. Being off by even a couple of degrees can increase your energy usage and operational time, neither or which is beneficial to you or your system.
  • The convenience of programmability – if you upgrade your thermostat to a programmable one, you’ll not only gain the benefit of a digital face, you’ll also be able to program your cooling to fit your daily routine. This means you won’t be cooling a home that isn’t occupied, which can potentially waste energy and make your system operate when it doesn’t need to.
  • The ability to control your cooling remotely – the highest level of any thermostat is a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are not only digital and programmable, they utilize smart technology, allowing you to access your thermostat whether you are 5 feet away or 5 states away. All you have to do is download the thermostat’s app to any smart device and you can manage your cooling from just about anywhere.

Without the right thermostat, you could be losing out on increased energy efficiency and comfort, and a reduction on your AC’s level of wear and tear. Call the experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc., today and see what a thermostat upgrade can do for you and your AC system!

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