What Is a 2-Stage Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are known for their energy efficiency, but you can maximize this efficiency even more with a 2-stage heat pump. If your heat pumps system is ready for an upgrade, you may want to consider a 2-stage heat pump for your replacement system. The heat pump system experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc., are here to help with all your heat pump needs in Longwood, FL – just give us a call!

How It Works

A 2-stage heat pump is called as such because the compressor works at two different stages: the first, which uses about 65% of the system’s overall power, is the main setting. It is a lower setting for the average summer (or winter) day, providing more constant, yet lower volume, cooling, for even comfort. For high heat days in which heavy heat and humidity are present, the compressor will operate at the second stage, maximizing use of its full power to cool your home.

Benefits of a 2-Stage Heat Pump System

Why consider a 2-stage heat pump versus a standard one? Here are some reasons to consider:

  • Great energy efficiency – heat pumps operate at a lower energy as it is, but with a 2-stage heat pump, you’ll save even more energy because for most of the time, your heat pump will operate in the lower stage.
  • Great dehumidification – because 2-stage heat pumps work more consistently, they remove up to twice the amount of excess humidity than a single-stage heat pump.
  • Very comfortable – not only will your air be cool and dry, it is dispersed in a gentle, consistent way, making it very comfortable.
  • Very quiet operation – a 2-stage heat pump operates even more quietly than a single-stage one, making them one of the quietest HVAC systems around.

If you are ready to replace an aging heat pump system, or are looking to upgrade to one, call the experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc., today!

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