Why a Mismatched Compressor or Set of Coils Can Be a Big Problem for Your AC

Certain air conditioning repairs can be quite costly. There aren’t AC repairs any homeowner enjoys making, and sometimes these repairs aren’t worth making – instead, the better option is to replace your existing system. However, some homeowners try to offset costs by finding replacement parts for their air conditioner in Altamonte Springs, especially for damaged coils or failing compressors. Unfortunately, the parts in your air conditioning system can’t be thrown together with any old compressor or coils, and we’ll explain more about this below.

Sticking with Your System’s Needs

Every manufacturer leaves a stamp on their air conditioning products in the way their systems are made. This means that while every air conditioner will need the same kind of parts to work, the parts between systems and brands are not made the same. Each part of your air conditioner – including the amount of refrigerant in the system – is made to work together as a single, cohesive unit so that you gain the maximum cooling at the best rate of energy efficiency. When you do a partial replacement, i.e., you replace only the damaged set of coils with another one, or the compressor with another one, and these parts are not exactly the same as needed, you will run into a wide range of problems down the road.

Short-Term Saving, Long-Term Problems

The draw of doing a partial replacement on your air conditioner is the apparent savings – and we do mean apparent. While the initial costs of a partial replacement may save you money, mismatched parts will not mesh well for long. Additionally, even when they are working together, they are likely not working together well, driving up your energy usage and running down the other parts of your system. The end results are usually that other parts will need replacement and your system has been costing you money through elevated energy bills.

Before you move forward with replacing a set of coils or compressor individually, call your Certified Air Systems, Inc., technician first to make sure you aren’t creating a mismatch within your AC system.

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