Why Consider a Ductless Air Conditioner?

With so many options for whole home air conditioning, it isn’t hard for a homeowner to become overwhelmed by the number of available choices. The best way to determine which types of systems may be best for your home is to have a basic understanding of them, so we’re going to take a look at ductless air conditioners today. You may have heard about ductless air conditioners or even seen a blower. First, we’ll take a look at how the system is configured, and then the reasons why a ductless AC may be a good choice for you.

How It Works

Ductless air conditioning systems are comprised of indoor blowers (typically four) and an outdoor unit. Each indoor blower contains an air filter, a set of coils and a fan; the outdoor unit contains the compressor, condenser and condenser fan. Each indoor blower is installed into the living space you want it to be in, then connected to the outdoor unit via a conduit; all blowers operate independently. The cooling process starts as soon as a single blower is turned on.

The Benefits

So what can a ductless system offer you? First, if you have wanted whole home air conditioning but do not have ductwork in your home, this is no longer a barrier to attaining the cool comfort you want during the summer months. Second, your cooling is customized: because each indoor blower operates independently, you can set your cooling as you like it. This advantage also allows you to save energy as you’ll only use as much cooling as you need instead of cooling your entire home all the time. Lastly, as long as you have the support you need from the outdoor unit, you can expand your system simply by adding another indoor blower.

It can be hard deciding which type of air conditioning system to use in your home in Orlando, FL, but the AC experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc., are here to help with all of your AC installation needs – just give us a call!

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