Why Is There Ice on My Air Conditioning System?

We are in the thick of our hottest weather, which means you air conditioner is working hard around the clock to provide your home in Maitland, FL with the cool air it needs. It is during the warmest weather that your system is most likely to experience malfunctions. While upon first glance it may not seem like an issue, any kind of ice build-up on your air conditioner is most definitely an indication that there is an imbalance in your system, and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

What Causes Ice to Develop?

There are a few reasons ice can develop on your air conditioning system. The first is a refrigerant leak. Every air conditioner is manufactured to operate with an exact amount of refrigerant; when a leak develops, this amount decreases, and the drop in level causes problems with the heat release/cooling process.

A second reason you may see ice develop on your air conditioner is due to a clogged, dirty air filter. It may seem surprising that something as simple as a dirty air filter can cause such a big problem, but it does. The reason why is that your air conditioner needs proper air flow to work, and a clogged air filter restricts the air flow in the entire system.

A third reason your air conditioner may be icing is because of issues with one, or both, of the system’s fans. There are two fans, one in the outdoor unit and one in the indoor unit, and when either one (or both) of these fans doesn’t rotate as it should, then the air flow in your system is disrupted, which can lead to ice development.

It Needs Repair

Scraping off the ice does not repair the problem. You may temporarily see improvement in operation after you scrap the ice off, but it will re-build because the root of the problem still exists. The AC experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc., can help resolve your icing issue – just give us a call!

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