Why Your AC Condensate Line Needs Cleaning

When your air conditioning system cools your home, it does two things simultaneously: it removes heat and humidity. But the excess moisture, aka, the humidity, doesn’t just disappear – it has to go somewhere. And it does, thanks to your condensate array, which includes the condensate tray (or pan) and the condensate drain line. While these components aren’t the most mechanical parts of your AC system, they are very necessary, and if they aren’t properly maintained, some serious problems can ensue.

The Condensate Line

The condensate line is attached to the condensate tray. The tray is angled so that the condensed water from your indoors that drips through the evaporator coils flows easily into the drain line. The line is connected to your wastewater plumbing so that the excess moisture ends up in your sewer (or septic) system.

There are two main issues that our technicians see frequently with condensate lines, and these things can happen with both traditional ducted air conditioning systems and ductless cooling systems. The first is that a piece of debris gets lodged in the condensate line. As you can imagine, this creates a blockage in the line. With a situation like this, it won’t take long for water to back up in the drain line and eventually into the condensate tray if left unattended. If the water can’t drain properly, it will eventually spill out of the drain line and the tray, causing leaking and potential water damage. The second problem is similar. Mold, algae and mildew are common growths found in condensate drain lines. Again, if left unattended, this growth can become significant enough where it can create a block inside the line, leading to leaks and water damage.

Annual Maintenance Is the Key

You can check your own condensate line to make sure it’s working properly, but an easier, and more effective approach, is to schedule annual maintenance. During a professional maintenance appointment, your condensate array will be checked and cleaned to avoid the problems described above. However, if you are seeing leakage of any kind, especially if your AC is housed in your attic, call the AC experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc., right away and schedule AC repair for your home in Apopka, FL.

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