Have a Heat Pump? Don’t Forget about Bi-Annual Maintenance

Unlike other parts of the country, the Fall Equinox doesn’t bring the chilly air to Apopka, FL, at least not yet. However, that doesn’t mean your heat pump system doesn’t need some attention, and now is the perfect time to schedule bi-annual maintenance.

Other Systems Don’t Need Bi-Annual Maintenance

It is true that separate heating and cooling systems only need annual maintenance, but that is because they are separate systems; your heat pump system provides both heating and cooling, so rather than working for half of a year, they work year-round. This means they accrue twice the amount of wear and tear, twice the stress, twice of everything that your separate heating and cooling systems accrue. Your heat pump is the source for your heating and cooling, so it’s imperative to keep in it optimal condition with bi-annual maintenance.

Isn’t Maintenance Just Changing the Air Filter?

Changing the air filter is important and should be done every three months, but that’s just one of many tasks performed during a maintenance appointment. The point of a maintenance appointment is to give your heat pump system a full tune-up, not just a quick review. The kinds of tasks performed include checks of the electrical components, check of the overall operation, cleaning, adjustments, lubrication of all moving parts, check of the refrigerant, performance testing, inspection, check of both the indoor and outdoor units, and other important tasks.

What Does Maintenance Do?

First, maintenance helps your system maintain or even improve its energy efficiency. This is because for every year your system isn’t properly maintained, you’ll lose 5% of the system’s efficiency, and this amount accumulates year after year. Maintenance also helps prevent repair because the entire system is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, adjustments are made as needed and all moving parts are given the lubrication they need to operate without generating friction.

The HVAC experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc., are here to help with all of your heat pump needs, including bi-annual maintenance, so give us a call.

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