If There’s No Heat Generation, How Does a Heat Pump Heat?

Heat pumps are great systems to use for heating and cooling in the Longwood, FL, area. This is because our climate is perfectly suited for this type of system, particularly the winter months. We don’t experience winter as other areas in the country do, but we do get cold enough during the heart of the winter to warrant a good heating system, and your heat pump is perfectly up to the task. It can be pretty confusing to understand how a heat pump provides your home with warm air when there is no flame generating heat. The key is heat transfer.

How It Heats

The reason your heat pump isn’t just an air conditioner is because it can change the direction in which the refrigerant flows, thanks to a component known as the reversing valve. In cooling mode, your heat pump acts just like an air conditioner, absorbing heat and humidity and transferring it to the outdoors. During the winter months, the opposite happens: the available heat in the outdoor air is absorbed and transferred into your home.

Is It Enough?

Some homeowners may have concerns that this heating method won’t be sufficient enough for their homes. We can tell you without hesitation that a heat pump can provide plenty of heat to your home, and can do so very efficiently. One of the great benefits of using a heat pump system is being able to forgo the use of a fossil fuel to heat your home. These systems are also quite versatile as they can be used with both ducted and ductless systems.

Interested to see if a heat pump HVAC system is the right heating and cooling system for your home in Longwood? Call the pros at Certified Air Systems, Inc., today and schedule an appointment!

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