Common Ductless Indoor Blower Repairs

One of the benefits of using a ductless heating (and cooling) system is that instead of needing ductwork to deliver the air, you utilize indoor blowers. These blowers operate independently, allowing you to customize your comfort. But these blowers are serious mechanical units, and they can sometimes experience problems. Here are some of the more common problems we see with indoor blowers:

  • “Dirty sock” syndrome – no need to worry, your indoor blower does not consume dirty socks. The name refers to the smell that can develop when mold grows on the small set of coils inside your indoor blower. When this happens, the mold emits a smell very much like dirty gym socks, and that smell can permeate your living space. Should you experience dirty sock syndrome, our experts will clean and sanitize you’re the coil in your indoor blower so that all the mold is gone and the protective sanitizer keeps it from coming back anytime soon.
  • Problems with the fan – the fan inside your indoor blower is key to getting the warm (or cool) air your home needs. Common issues that can develop with the fan are wiring issues, worn fan belts and problems with the motor.
  • Clogs in the condensate line – the condensate line of your indoor blower is fairly long, as it has to connect to the outdoors. Having a line this long can make it more prone to developing clogs. When the condensate line backs-up, the indoor blower will shut off. Your Certified Air Systems, Inc., technician will clear the line of all clogs so the condensate can properly drain.
  • Breaks in the refrigerant line – as with the condensate line, the refrigerant line of your indoor blower is quite long. This can make it prone to sustaining damage, which can kink or break the line. Our pros can repair the line and recharge your system if necessary.

The pros from Certified Air Systems, Inc., can help you with all of your ductless system repair needs in Apopka, FL – just give us a call!

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