Does My Home Need Duct Repair?

If you use a forced air system to heat and cool your home in Maitland, then you have a ductwork system as well. It can be hard to be aware of your ductwork because it is typically located behind walls and above ceilings, but if your ductwork is faulty, you are definitely not getting the volume of air in your living spaces that you should. The indoor air quality experts from Certified Air Systems, Inc., offer duct repair services so that your ductwork is as efficient as possible. What kinds of signs can indicate the need for duct repair? Here are some of the more common ones.

Loud Whistling Noises

It’s pretty normal to hear a low level of air moving through your ductwork when your HVAC system is cycling, but whistling, particularly loud whistling, is not. Loud whistling from your ductwork typically means that air is escaping through holes and cracks, which means that air loss is occurring. Air loss adds serious stress to your HVAC system and considerably reduces your indoor comfort. We can help with duct repair.

High Energy Bills

Have you been seeing high energy bills month after month, even though you have been using your HVAC system conservatively? Air loss can be significant with faulty ductwork, comprising up to a third of a home’s total air loss. When you lose this much air from your ductwork system, your HVAC system will compensate for this loss by working harder and using much more energy.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Faulty ductwork leads to serious air loss but it also serves as an open window for outside contaminants and odors to enter your home’s air. If you are noticing a significant decrease in the quality of your indoor air and aren’t sure where it’s coming from, it’s time to have an expert take a look at your ductwork system.

When you need duct repair in Maitland, FL, call the people you can count on: Certified Air Systems, Inc.

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