Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Different Types of Insulation

It wasn’t too long ago that insulation for your home came in one form: batt insulation that looks a lot like cotton candy. This type of insulation is highly effective and still widely-used, but there are three other types of insulation that, when utilized together, can make your home incredibly energy efficient and comfortable. However, it is critical to allow trained experts to ascertain and determine what type of insulation should go where, and that’s where the pros from Certified Air Systems, Inc., come in. Our experts have been helping customers improve the levels of insulation in their homes since 1993, and we can help you, too.

The Main Types of Insulation

Here are the four main types of insulation used to insulate homes:

  • Batt/roll insulation (mentioned above) – when people think of insulation, batt insulation is usually the kind that springs to mind. This kind of insulation is the pink or yellow roll type that is typically made of fiberglass. Roll insulation is typically used in walls and ceilings, and comes in a variety of widths that match standard stud-spacing. Roll insulation can be cut; it can also be produced with foil on one side to create a vapor barrier.
  • Spray foam – spray foam has become very popular because it conforms to any kind of space and forms an air-tight seal with whatever it comes into contact with. However, this type of insulation expands to 100 times its size when it meets the air, so it is very important that only a trained expert install it.
  • Rigid board/foam board – as its name indicates, rigid board insulation is insulation in a rigid board style. Boards can be cut to fit different spaces, but it is mostly used to insulate areas like beams and joists.
  • Loose-fill/blown-in – loose-fill can be used as new installation, but it is particularly useful for retro-fitting older homes. This is because blown-in insulation can be installed into small cavities in your home via a relatively small opening.

As you can see, there are several good options available for better insulating your home in Lake Mary, FL. Call us today and see how we can help you improve the insulation in your home!

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