Signs That You Need Your Ducts Repaired

When you notice a problem with the heating and air conditioning system in your home, you may assume the trouble lies within the unit itself. Reduced heating or cooling power is often attributed to leaky refrigerant, a faulty blower fan, or electrical trouble, among many other issues with the individual components. But if it takes your home a long time to cool down or heat up, the ducts may actually be to blame.

Unfortunately, ducts are prone to holes and cracks that may allow air to escape instead of making it into your home. Ducts are not always properly installed, to the extent that the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that, with the typical home HVAC unit, up to 30% of the energy used is lost in the ductwork. Repairing the ducts takes more than a few pieces of duct tape. In fact, standard duct tape will not work properly for duct repair and may even present a fire hazard.

It’s always best to call a professional for duct repair in Apopka like the friendly professionals at Certified Air Systems, Inc.

  • Hot or cold spots – Hot or cold spots around the home are often a sign that air is leaking through one area of the ductwork. Alternatively, it may be due to a kink in flexible ductwork, or even a collapsed section of duct that needs replacement.
  • High energy bills – If your energy bills are rather high, it means that it’s taking your HVAC unit far too long to heat or cool your home. Often, this is because of a leak that inhibits your system from efficiently conditioning the home, causing it to work much harder than it should.
  • Frequent repairs – When you seem to be making one repair on top of another, your system is working way too hard, and a leak in the air ducts may be responsible.
  • Old age – Finally, sometimes older ducts just need repair because they’ve gone unexamined for too long. If your ducts haven’t been checked out in 10 years or more, there’s a good chance that a leak is forcing you to pay more than you should on AC and heating.

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