Times When You Will Benefit from Duct Replacement

You may or may not have heard of duct cleaning, and why it is necessary for keeping your indoor air clean and yourself healthy. There are millions of microscopic particles floating around the average home’s indoor air, causing allergy attacks and illnesses. All of those particles tend to circulate through, and collect in, your home’s ducts. As a result, it’s a good idea to have your ducts cleaned every couple of years to remove all of those contaminants from your house. However, there are some cases where simple duct cleaning just won’t cut it. Here are some times when you could really benefit from duct replacement.

Poorly Installed Ducts

You’d be astonished to learn how many ducts are just poorly installed, many of them by professional HVAC technicians. Poorly installed ducts are not things that can be fixed by simple duct cleaning or sealing. They are often misaligned with other parts of the system, creating gaps that allow air out and contaminants in. Depending on how badly installed your ducts are, it may be easier to replace them than to try and repair them.

Mold Infestation

If leaks develop in a duct system, they can allow moisture to enter and promote mold growth. If you have sheet metal ducts, your HVAC technician may still be able to remove the mold growth and seal the leak. If you have cloth or fiber board ducts, however, an advanced mold infestation is pretty much impossible to remove. At that point, your only real option is to replace the sections that the mold has spread to.

Entrenched Dirt

All ducts can be cleaned, regardless of type. The method used to clean them simply varies. However, some kinds of ducts can have dirt become entrenched in them over many years. It can eventually get to the point where no amount of cleaning will completely remove that dirt from the duct. Sheet metal ducts do not have this problem, but if you have any other kind of ductwork you might be susceptible to it.

If you aren’t sure about the condition of your ducts, call Certified Air Systems, Inc. We provide professional duct replacement in the Orlando, FL area.

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