Need Better Attic Ventilation? Consider a Solar Attic Fan

We’ve all been in our attic space during the hot summer months, and the heat that accumulates there can be overwhelming. Many attic spaces can reach temperatures ranging from 140 to 160 degrees during the summer months, and making sure this excessive heat doesn’t make its way into your home can be a challenge. However, the installation of an attic fan can cool your attic space down 40-50 degrees, and when you use a solar-powered attic fan, you can gain the benefit of this extra cooling without having to spend money each month on electricity to power it. The experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc., have been installing solar attic fans in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding area for a number of years, so if you are considering using this type of fan for your attic, give us a call.

How Does It Work?

Solar attic fans do the same job as a traditional attic fan, but the power source is the sun instead of your electrical panel. Using a small PV (photovoltaic) panel that sits on top of the fan housing on your roof, the PV panel converts the sun’s rays into electricity that powers the fan. The fan is spherical and vents the hot air that it pulls from your attic out the sides of its housing to the outdoors, removing the extra heat from your attic space and creating much-needed air flow.

Why Install an Attic Fan?

As we mentioned above, the heat in your attic space can become very heavy, and removing it is important to taking the pressure off your air conditioning system. But the hot air that accumulates can cause other damage, specifically to your roof and the wood in your attic. The extreme heat can dry out the wood of your attic, causing it to splinter and break; it also heats your roof from the underside, and can dry out roofing shingles to the point where they are no longer functional and need to be replaced. These are pretty steep consequences for having too much heat in your attic.

Take advantage of the sun in Orlando, FL, to cool your home’s attic space by installing a solar attic fan – just call us today!

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