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Remember to Have Your Heat Pump Checked This Spring

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Spring is coming to an end, and the days are already starting to heat up. If you haven’t already had your heat pump professionally checked, though, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time to get it in shape before the hottest weather arrives. Now, you may be wondering why you need to have your heat pump checked when you just scheduled preventive maintenance for it six months ago. Read on for the answer. (more…)

Furnace Noises That Indicate a Problem

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Furnaces make all kinds of noises during operation, most of which are fairly normal. If you’ve had your furnace for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the kinds of noises that it makes while it’s operating. What if it suddenly starts making noises that you aren’t familiar with, though? Unusual furnace noises can indicate a problem that needs repair, so it’s best not to ignore them. Let’s take a look at some of those noises now. (more…)

Why There is Ice on Your Heat Pump

Monday, January 18th, 2016

It may seem odd to find ice on the outside of your heat pump, even during winter. Even in a place like Florida, ice buildup on heat pumps is to be expected under certain circumstances. It’s not necessarily a problem, but it can certainly become one if one of the heat pump’s safety processes malfunctions. Let’s take a look at why ice forms on your heat pump, and when to call for repairs. (more…)

Common Ductless Indoor Blower Repairs

Monday, December 7th, 2015

One of the benefits of using a ductless heating (and cooling) system is that instead of needing ductwork to deliver the air, you utilize indoor blowers. These blowers operate independently, allowing you to customize your comfort. But these blowers are serious mechanical units, and they can sometimes experience problems. Here are some of the more common problems we see with indoor blowers: (more…)

Why a Bigger Air Conditioner Isn’t What You Need for Your Home

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Did you find that your air conditioner in Apopka, FL was struggling this summer to keep your home comfortable? Many homeowners jump to the conclusion that their air conditioner is not the right size when this happens. While this can be a possibility, there are many other possibilities that can lead to issues with comfort. And if you go ahead and install a bigger AC, and find that your former AC wasn’t actually too small, you will have a number of new problems on your hands. The cooling experts from Certified Air Systems, Inc., can help determine whether or not the size of your air conditioner is actually the source for your inadequate cooling, or if another kind of problem is the reason. However, it is still important to understand why a bigger air conditioner is not the answer to most of your cooling problems. (more…)

Have a Heat Pump? Don’t Forget about Bi-Annual Maintenance

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Unlike other parts of the country, the Fall Equinox doesn’t bring the chilly air to Apopka, FL, at least not yet. However, that doesn’t mean your heat pump system doesn’t need some attention, and now is the perfect time to schedule bi-annual maintenance. (more…)

Why Your AC Condensate Line Needs Cleaning

Monday, August 24th, 2015

When your air conditioning system cools your home, it does two things simultaneously: it removes heat and humidity. But the excess moisture, aka, the humidity, doesn’t just disappear – it has to go somewhere. And it does, thanks to your condensate array, which includes the condensate tray (or pan) and the condensate drain line. While these components aren’t the most mechanical parts of your AC system, they are very necessary, and if they aren’t properly maintained, some serious problems can ensue. (more…)

Have You Scheduled Your Ductless AC for Maintenance This Year?

Monday, June 29th, 2015

We may have just had the summer solstice, but as any Floridian knows, it’s been summer here for a while. We use our air conditioning systems for much of the year in Apopka, FL, so it’s very important to have your ductless air conditioning system properly maintained on an annual basis by a trained expert. The AC specialists at Certified Air Systems, Inc., have years of experience installing and servicing ductless air conditioning systems, so give us a call today and schedule your maintenance appointment! (more…)

Is a Heat Pump Right for My Home?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

To understand whether a heat pump is a good choice for your home comfort, you need to first understand how a heat pump operates. Our professional team at Certified Air Systems, Inc. has many years of experience with installing, repairing, and maintaining heat pumps in Apopka, FL, and can answer any further questions you might have regarding how these appliances work, as well as give you a definite answer about whether your home will benefit from one. Do not hesitate to give us a call.

How a heat pump works

A heat pump is essentially the same as a standard split system air conditioner: it moves refrigerant in a cycle through a set of indoor and outdoor coils. The refrigerant absorbs heat through one set of coils, then releases that heat through a second set of coils. A compressor is responsible for applying the energy to the refrigerant that allows it to circulate and carry out the process of heat exchange.

The difference between a heat pump and an AC is that an air conditioning system can only carry out heat exchange one direction: the indoor coils absorb heat, cooling down the air in a home, and the outdoor coils release the heat. A heat pump can make the two coils swap jobs, so that in addition to cooling down a house, it can also absorb outdoor heat and release it indoors. It only takes one change on the thermostat to turn an cooling system into a heating system.

How a heat pump can benefit you

In Florida, heat pumps are very effective home comfort systems because they work as well as any air conditioning system of the same size, and have little difficulty coping with the mild cold weather. Since heat pumps must draw their heat from the outdoor when in heating mode, they work more efficiently in moderate chilly conditions, as opposed to temperatures below freezing. A heat pump in Florida will usually work far more energy efficiently as a heater than a standard furnace would. Going with a heat pump for your home can take care of all your heating and cooling needs, and save you money as well.

Are there any drawbacks?

No heating or cooling system is ideal for all homes, and this applies to heat pumps as well. However, since heat pumps are most at a disadvantage in extreme cold weather, they are almost always well-suited for homes in Florida. To make sure about your choice, call Certified Air Systems, Inc. and talk to our experienced installers. They will help you with heat pumps in Apopka, FL and see that you end up with the perfect comfort system for your home.

Signs That You Need Your Ducts Repaired

Friday, January 30th, 2015

When you notice a problem with the heating and air conditioning system in your home, you may assume the trouble lies within the unit itself. Reduced heating or cooling power is often attributed to leaky refrigerant, a faulty blower fan, or electrical trouble, among many other issues with the individual components. But if it takes your home a long time to cool down or heat up, the ducts may actually be to blame.

Unfortunately, ducts are prone to holes and cracks that may allow air to escape instead of making it into your home. Ducts are not always properly installed, to the extent that the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that, with the typical home HVAC unit, up to 30% of the energy used is lost in the ductwork. Repairing the ducts takes more than a few pieces of duct tape. In fact, standard duct tape will not work properly for duct repair and may even present a fire hazard.

It’s always best to call a professional for duct repair in Apopka like the friendly professionals at Certified Air Systems, Inc.

  • Hot or cold spots – Hot or cold spots around the home are often a sign that air is leaking through one area of the ductwork. Alternatively, it may be due to a kink in flexible ductwork, or even a collapsed section of duct that needs replacement.
  • High energy bills – If your energy bills are rather high, it means that it’s taking your HVAC unit far too long to heat or cool your home. Often, this is because of a leak that inhibits your system from efficiently conditioning the home, causing it to work much harder than it should.
  • Frequent repairs – When you seem to be making one repair on top of another, your system is working way too hard, and a leak in the air ducts may be responsible.
  • Old age – Finally, sometimes older ducts just need repair because they’ve gone unexamined for too long. If your ducts haven’t been checked out in 10 years or more, there’s a good chance that a leak is forcing you to pay more than you should on AC and heating.

Certified Air Systems, Inc. has qualified professionals who can help improve the efficiency of your home with comprehensive duct repair in Apopka. Call us today!