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How UV Air Purifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

There are a number of options available to improve your home’s indoor air quality in Longwood, FL: mechanical air filters, electronic air filters, UV air purifiers, electronic air cleaners, and more. If you aren’t sure which choice is the ideal one for your home, don’t worry: it takes an indoor air quality specialist to make the correct determination of the best system for cleaning a home’s air. Since these professionals are necessary to install air purification system, make sure you have them involved from the beginning so you know you are receiving the right purifier to match your home’s needs.

Certified Air Systems, Inc. has more than 20 years of helping homes improve their indoor air quality. We install a variety of air filters and air purifiers, and you can entrust us to see that your home has the right system cleaning its air.

Electronic air purifiers: how they work

One of the most common types of indoor air quality system is the electronic air purifier, also known as an electronic air cleaner. These devices do not eliminate pollutants by trapping them, as filters do, but instead use an ionization process that draws pollutants out of the air as they circulate through the ductwork.

The principle at work in an air purifier is called corona discharge. This is a small but powerful electronic field that creates charged molecules in the air (ions). The ions are attracted to the larger particles floating in the air, and will either add an electron onto a particle (giving it a negative charge) or remove an electron from a particle (giving it a positive charge). Two sets of plates on the air purifier, one with a negative charge and one with a positive charge, will attract the opposite charged particles to them and trap them. Some of the particles will also be drawn to each other, and as they clump together they will sink down from the air.

Using this method, an electronic air purifier can remove particles from the air that would otherwise pass through a mechanical filter, such as gas and odor molecules. The process places no harmful chemicals into the air, and will only need occasional maintenance to keep it in working shape.

Call on our Longwood, FL indoor air quality specialists at Certified Air Systems, Inc. to learn more about air purifiers and if one is the best option for cleaning the air in your home.

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