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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Different Types of Insulation

Monday, December 28th, 2015

It wasn’t too long ago that insulation for your home came in one form: batt insulation that looks a lot like cotton candy. This type of insulation is highly effective and still widely-used, but there are three other types of insulation that, when utilized together, can make your home incredibly energy efficient and comfortable. However, it is critical to allow trained experts to ascertain and determine what type of insulation should go where, and that’s where the pros from Certified Air Systems, Inc., come in. Our experts have been helping customers improve the levels of insulation in their homes since 1993, and we can help you, too. (more…)

Are You Losing Energy Efficiency to Poor Insulation?

Monday, September 21st, 2015

We are heading into our cooler season, but if you noticed that your energy bills seemed to climb higher and higher over the summer months and your AC system was fine, it may be time to have your home’s insulation checked. Having good insulation isn’t just for the cooler months of the year; it is important to have good insulation for year-round comfort and good energy efficiency. The HVAC experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc., can help determine whether or not your home in Lake Mary, FL needs more insulation, and if so, install it so you have the comfort and energy savings you need. (more…)

How Insulation Helps Your Household Around the Year

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

The purpose of home insulation is often misunderstood as only helping during cold weather. People think of insulation as much like a heavy coat: you put it on when the temperature drops, but you don’t want to keep wearing it when the thermometer rises.

But insulation is a year-round benefit to a home, and in Longwood, FL the insulation in the walls and ceilings of your house is an important part of seeing that you stay comfortable and the HVAC system energy efficient all 12 months of the year. If you are paying an immense amount every summer to keep your home cool, and yet you still experience warm spots in your house, the issue may be that you have insufficient insulation. If this is the case, you should call up the insulation experts at Certified Air Systems, Inc. to help you increase the heat sealing on your home.

How insulation works in both cold and warm weather

To understand why you need effective insulation during hot temperatures as well as cooler ones, it’s necessary to understand what insulation actually is: a thermal barrier that prevents the movement of heat by either convection or conduction. Heat will attempt to move from a warmer area to a cooler one, and insulation helps stop this from happening. The barrier works both directions, preventing heat from escaping a home and stopping it from entering a home. During a hot Florida summer, the insulation in the walls and ceilings will keep out large amounts of heat that would otherwise get through, and this will not only help to keep the interior cool, it will take a huge burden off the air conditioning system.

Insulation comes in many types. Most people are familiar with the pink-colored fiberglass batts laid in attics (a key place for insulation, since large amounts of heat gathers there in summer), but there is also blown-in insulation designed to fit into tight spots and difficult corners. Insulation also has an R-value that determines how effective it is at stopping the movement of heat. Higher R-value isn’t necessarily better in all cases, so make certain that when you need new or replacement insulation that you work with a professional who will know the right kind and R-value of insulation to put in.

Call us for insulation services

If you need insulation in Longwood, FL to prepared for the summer (and any cool days afterwards), you only need to give us a call at Certified Air Systems, Inc. We have a long history of helping Central Florida homes stay energy-efficient and comfortable.

Why is Adequate Insulation in Orlando, FL So Important?

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

When some people think of insulation, they tend to think of cold, drafty building. However, you need to remember that great insulation in Orlando, FL is just as important as great insulation in Manitoba or anywhere else. If your home is uncomfortable, or if you are building a new home and need to know that your insulation installation is handled properly, just give us a call. The insulation technicians at Certified Air Systems, Inc. have the products and skills that they need to ensure that you are able to heat and to cool your home properly. For true year round comfort, great insulation is a must.

Now, we understand that people may associate insulation with keeping warm, but this is generally due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the way in which insulation works. It is not some type of heating material, after all, but rather a material which helps to block heat transfer. Heat, as we all know, naturally moves from warmer environments to colder ones. Because of this, insulation is really a two way street. During the hottest time of the year, your insulation helps to prevent the intense heat from outside from invading your home. When it is cooler out and you are running your heater, it helps to prevent the heat generated from making its way outside.

Not only does insulation help to keep your energy costs down by protecting the efficiency with which your HVAC system heats and cools your home, but it can actually also help to protect your indoor air quality. When air from outside makes its way into your home, as is the case in our area where it is often quite hot out and cooler in your house, it can bring with it airborne pollutants. Insulation is a great way to supplement the performance of your air purification system, as it keeps these pollutants out.

To learn more about the benefits of great insulation in Orlando, FL, contact Certified Air Systems, Inc. anytime.

We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Our passion is helping our loyal customers to live more comfortably.