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UV Air Purifiers in Orlando, FL by Certified Air Systems, Inc.

There are a lot of different pollutants which may conspire to wreak havoc on the air quality within your home. Not all of these pollutants can simply be filtered out of the air, either. While dirt and dust certainly can, biological pollutants prove to be a different type of challenge. Mold, viruses, and bacteria, among other biological pollutants, must be destroyed if you hope to avoid the ill effects which they can lead to. Fortunately, the indoor air quality specialists at Certified Air Systems, Inc. have the products you need to deal with such threats to your comfort and your health. Just give us a call today to discuss the UV air purifiers in Orlando, FL available to you. When you buy a UV air purifier from us, you can count on quality. We will also install and service it with the expertise such jobs demand.

Certified Air Systems, Inc. provides UV air purifier services in Orlando, FL and the nearby areas.

What is a UV Air Purifier?

Air filtration systems use different methods in order to remove pollutants from the air in your home. Simply passing biological pollutants through a filtering material or giving them an electric charge is not always effective. A UV air purifier in Orlando, FL can be used to resolve issues with such pollutants. These UV germicidal lamps are installed directly into your air ducts, typically near the air handler. Small amounts of ultraviolet radiation are used to destroy these microbes. This means that you can live in a cleaner, more healthful home, free of the worries that such pollutants can generate.

We Install and Service UV Air Purifiers in Orlando, FL

If you are thinking about a UV air purifier installation in Orlando, FL, ours are the technicians to trust with the completion of the job. You simply cannot possess the tools, training, and experience that a professional HVAC technician does and which are so necessary to ensure the proper placement and installation of such equipment. Our team will make sure that you have sufficient UV germicidal lamp coverage, and that they are positioned for maximum effect.

Because they do not employ moving parts, UV germicidal lights require very little maintenance. Even so, it is important that they are inspected on a regular basis by a trained professional. This will ensure that they stay in great working condition. Should any UV air purifier repair in Orlando, FL be necessary, you can expect our technicians to resolve the issue promptly and to get your lamps to peak performance levels in no time.

There is no reason why you should have to put up with subpar indoor air quality in your home. If you notice mold taking hold in your house, or if your allergy and asthma symptoms are out of control, call Certified Air Systems, Inc. immediately. We’ll assess the situation to determine if a UV air purifier is what you need for your home. When you work with our technicians, you’ll have no doubt about the quality of the services or products which you receive.